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Re: starting X fails: out of scan range

libre fan wrote:

libre fan wrote:
Last Friday I updated Debian (lot of xorg stuff was updated) and when I rebooted I got this message on the screen: out of scan range

I reconfigured several times trying to correct errors, and I compared the
original Xfree config file with the present xorg.config. I really don't know
how to put the matter straight.
Something else you may want to try:
1) Shutdown your system for maintenance if possible (otherwise stop X from running) 2) Save a copy of your /etc/X/xorg.conf file somewhere (other than in /etc/X)
3) Remove the 'xorg.conf' file in /etc/X
4) run dexconf ('man dexconf' to see what this command does)


Jose Alburquerque

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