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RE: external ip and DNS

Depending on how you setup your ‘Firewall’…you could have all of these services plus more on a single external IP address…


I do Web hosting and have around 80 websites, SSH and more on a single IP address as well as 20 Mail servers on an other single IP address…but I could have had all of this on a single IP.  The only thing you really need multiple IP addresses for on the internet is SSL websites…this is a security thing and SSL traffic can only be bound to a single IP on port 443…you could however have multiple SSL services running on different ports…443, 10443, 10444, 10445, 65535, ETC. all bound to the same IP address but this would require proper redirection scripts on the websites…not a problem but people like just seeing https://www.site.com/ and not https://www.site.com:10444/


As far as DNS…you only TRULY need reverse lookup zones if you want people to be able to look up your server names via IP…this is important with a lot of the e-Mail black lists.  Reverse look up doesn’t require the host to have an External IP address BUT to use it properly anything that resides in your Reverse lookup zone should be an actual REAL box on the internet.  Reverse lookup management could get ugly if you do not know what you are looking at within the zone…


Anyone else have anything to add to this?




From: Andrew Critchlow [mailto:a_critchlow@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 9:21 AM
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Subject: external ip and DNS


Hi, a little off subject, but i was wondering if anyone could help?
I have domain and dns server which is registered on the net. This will need an external ip for www usage as it will host a website. I also want to add a mail server for the company, will this require another external ip address or can it somehow use the first external ip address?
One other quick question about DNS - (BIND) - When configuring the reverse lookup sones and you point the ip address' at the name like this: IN PTR host1.domain.com
Does this only really matter if the host has an external ip address? As lookups for other hosts would not be possible as they would not be registered in in-addr.arpa?
Many thanks for your time

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