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Re: [Way OT] Re: Not a query, but an observation.

s. keeling wrote:

Marty <martyb@ix.netcom.com>:
Paul E Condon wrote:
On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 11:13:59AM -0500, Kent West wrote:
Kent, there is a nice sociology/anthropology term for your attitude
toward Microsoft; for you (and me), Microsoft is 'ritually unclean',
like pork to Muslims and Jews ;-).
I prefer the legal term: criminal.

I like both characterizations, though the former is an insult to pigs.

Microsoft can't even make the traditional view of pigs (actually a
conspicuously clean animal) look worse than itself.  It (Microsoft)
doesn't fly here (much like pigs).
I like the idea. Microsoft is 'lo kasher' (non kosher). BTW there are many things, other than pigs, which are not kosher, but that would be getting even farther off topic.

Marc Shapiro

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