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Re: (end of) Development and documentation in Debian

Yeah, I think the real problem is that the rules shouldn't be the same for documentation as they are for code. If someone is going to go to the effort of making a tutorial and then giving it away I don't have a problem with their reserving the right to attach some unrelated philosophical stuff to it. They can't make me read it, or in the case of the GFDL they can't prevent me from moving it to an appendix so that readers of the modified version can easily ignore it if they wish.

That's quite different than a programmer requiring that all use of their code retain a particular invariant functionality. That would be extremely limiting to the end user and future developers.

The debate on debian-legal reminds me of my time as an undergraduate activist. The unofficial role of every advocacy group was to attack other adovocacy groups, ensuring maximum energy produced minimum result. Was the anti-racism group more sexist than the anti-sexism group was racist? In the end we all lost.


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