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keyjnote crashes computer

I installed the Debian version of a new pdf presentation programme
called keyjnote. It refused to run. I got the original version from
sourceforge and that also failed to run. This is version 0.8.2.

I emailed the author, who said it was something to do with sound
recognition, which was not required anyway. He posted a new version
(0.8.3) on sourceforge a couple of days ago. This produces a total crash
on my machine (blank screen) and I have to reboot. 

It looks as if this programme is best avoided, at least for the present.
Has anyone else tried it?


Anthony Campbell - ac@acampbell.org.uk 
Microsoft-free zone - Using Linux Gnu-Debian
http://www.acampbell.org.uk (blog, book reviews, 
on-line books and sceptical articles)

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