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Re: request for VMware image of Etch beta 3 release minimal netinstall

Stephen Yorke wrote:
I will create one now for you if you want it...but it will be a GSX
image and not Workstation...OR...I guess I could do a Workstation
Version for ya...let me re-install Workstation.
It shouldn't take too long on the server I have here.

Just a quick Q: I've failed to install Etch inside vmware player (I'm not sure I've tried workstation yet) due to it not picking up the virtual NIC. I know the virtual nic is an AMD pcnet32 clone, but modprobing the pcnet32 driver from a console in the installer doesn't pick up an interface.

Is there a special knack to this or does vmware workstation provide a different virtual network interface?

Jon Dowland

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