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Re: SPF in DNS's and mail servers

On 01.10.06 21:01, Alejandro wrote:
> Dear all, I need to know if the SPF protocol used in DNS's and mail 
> servers  to avoid spam is used  by a lot af administrators or it's just 
> a new protocol without future in Internet.

first mistake: SPF is not designed to avoid spam. SPF is designed to avoid
mail fogeries. Spam elimination just comes from the fact that many spam has
forged e-mail addresses.

If you (your company)  have a domain and only use your own e-mail servers
for outgoing mail, you may publish SPF records in the domain to note that
mail from your domain should only be accepted when it comes from your

Note that in such case you won't be able to send mail from the rest of the
internet, without having access to your mail servers. This is non-issue, if
your mailservers are always online and provide SMTP authentication.

> I'll go to edit my zone files in the DNS's with the SPF fields in order 
> to let other mail servers check them to know if sender domains are valid 
> or  invalid (spammers).

Just go on, if the condition above is satisfied. There are already servers
rejecting mail if it fails SPF check (some of them will pass soft failure,
but it's designed to work that way) and some servers using spamassassin may
tag it as spam (or even reject it, like mine), so you will benefit of the

Note that there is one issue about the SPF: mail forwarding. Forwarding
without rewriting sender address may fail in such case, but that's however
issue of forwarding systems, not yours.
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