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Re: stable to testing: aptitude wants strange things

Wu-Kung Sun wrote:
apt-get turns out to be mostly the same.  I started using aptitude
since I thought it was supposed to replace apt-get when sarge went
stable.  Now both apt-get and aptitude want to remove aptitude.  It's
a hint I think.

Yes, I think maybe it's a hint. Maybe you should take it. When aptitude was being touted as *the* way to upgrade from Woody to Sarge, everybody and her
sister were reporting problems here.

 Thanks everyone for the advice.

The old standby dselect seems a little more intelligent here.  It seems to
know enough to ignore broken dependencies that get fixed later in the upgrade.

I've upgraded and downgraded, from stable to sid and back again, mixed things up by accident of just for fun and dselect often bailed me out, and although I occasionally had to resort to "dpkg --force all" I never lost an installation. (Maybe I just lucked out.) The day I have to "fix" anything by reinstalling an OS is the day when I might as well throw in the towel and go back to Windoze.

PS since you are upgrading to testing you should understand that you are volunteering to break your system often and repeatedly in the name of science. Thanks for your display of spirit and fortitude. Although I eventually tired of the exercise I'm glad others had stepped up to fill
the gap.

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