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Re: pyzor times out {Scanned}

Robert S wrote:
I have just installed pyzor:

# apt-get install pyzor

Then I ran the discover command:

robert@debian:~$ pyzor discover
downloading servers from
robert@debian:~$ cat .pyzor/servers

Then I tested it:

robert@debian:~$ pyzor ping      TimeoutError:

I got this reply from spamassassin --debug --lint:

debug: executable for pyzor was found at /usr/bin/pyzor
debug: Pyzor is available: /usr/bin/pyzor
debug: entering helper-app run mode
debug: setuid: helper proc 5580: ruid=1000 euid=1000
debug: Pyzor: got response:  TimeoutError:
debug: leaving helper-app run mode
debug: Pyzor: couldn't grok response " TimeoutError: "

I have a hardware firewall. I get the same error when I disable iptables. Is this a firewall problem or is the pyzor server down??

Seems to be down, you can try

See my post to mailscanner list:

Has anyone else noticed the pyzor IP being bad in
the debian install?

I found a reference by a Chris Pollock where he mentioned a new IP and it seemed
to work.

Link: https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=30601945&forum_id=8711

snippet from that post:

quote:  Olivier, try using this address:
quote:   Milton Cyrus set this one up back in March and I've been using it ever
quote:  sense. Just remember that if you run "pyzor discover" you'll have to
quote:   re-enter it in your Pyzor server list. I've had no problems at all using
quote:  this server.
quote:   HTH

So I changed mine from what shipped (, to the IP above and it seemed to work.

But is it safe to use???


Henry Hollenberg

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