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Re: request for VMware image of Etch beta 3 release minimal netinstall


I have posted two VMware images for download. One for Sarge, another for Etch. They both have VMware Tools loaded. They were built using the default desktop installation. The last time they were built was 9/10. You can find them at "www.netliving.com". I will post a fresh image every two months.


David Christensen wrote:
Debian users:

Is there anybody out there who has VMware Workstation who could please
create a virtual machine for Etch beta 3 release with a minimal install?
It would also be nice to have the appropriate VMware add-ons (VMware

There is an Etch virtual machine available at the VMware site:


but it has Gnome, etc., and is intended for desktop use.  I prefer
starting from a bare install and adding whatever I need.

Here is a good example of a virtual machine minimal install using Sarge:


A nice feature is that the image was taken after the first portion of
installation was complete and it was time to reboot the machine and do
the final configuration steps (with base-config?).  This allows you to
better tune the virtual machine to your network environment.



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