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Re: Debian Proxy Server

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006 14:47:54 -0400 (EDT), houkrc wrote
> Dear Debian Support,
> Our K-8 elementary/middle school is considering the use of a Debian Linux
> machine as a cache proxy server and web filter.  We have a strictly
> Windows environment at this time and have No Linux experience.
> I was reading some of the Debian documentation on your web site and 
> have a computer science background.  I have read an article titled 
> "How To Set Up A Debian Linux Proxy Server" and remember using Unix 
> in the early 1980's.
> My question is:  Can I set up an i386 computer with Debian Linux,
>  Squid, and a webfilter (SquidGuard or DansGuardian) to act as a 
> cache proxy server on our network?  We already have a gateway 
> (router) and a file/printer server (Windows Server 2003).  I just 
> want the Linux machine to act as a cache proxy server and web 
> filter.  I do NOT want the Linux machine to act as a router/gateway. 
>  I do NOT want the Linux machine to act as a web page or e-mail server.
> I realize that I will need to configure our web browsers to utilize the
> proxy server.
> Is the use for Debian Linux a good choice for this application?

You bet,
We use Debian with squid for our cache proxy and site filtering.
Look after 50+ schools K-12.

Careful though, pretty soon, you'll realize that your debian box
can replace your gateway/router, email, web and file server!  :)

The squid.conf file is well documented and there alot of resources on the net
to help get you going. Plus this list has lots of experienced admins as well.


PS, We also run 1 or 2 schools with squid proxy authentication as some parents
won't allow their kids to go online. No parent consent, no internet.
Not common, but do-able.

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