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Re: kernel mess

On 9/28/06, Bruno Buys <bruno.grupos@gmail.com> wrote:

On 9/28/06, Wackojacko < wackojacko32@ntlworld.com> wrote:
>>> While reading (1) further, I bumped this:
>>> "Running the mixed setup on a workstation is not recommended, because
>>> iptables, the XFS filesystem, non-free NVidia and ATI binary drivers do
>>> currently not support it."
>>> 'mixed setup' there is 32bit apps with 64bit kernels. So this might
>>> concern me directly.
> This is strange as I am using the Nvidia drivers on my 32 bit sid with a
> 64bit optimised kernel, albeit self compiled.

Ok in search of clarity (or maybe sanity) I booted my 32 bit sid and
installed a 2.6.8 -k8 kernel (from sarge) to have a look at the
/boot/config file to see if there were any differences with my Kernel
config.  Unfortunately, my config, whilst specifing a K8 processor type,
is still x86_32 while the debian one is X86_64.  I failed to appreciate
that there was more to making a kernel 64 bit that changing the
processor type to K8.  Sorry, it would appear that mixing 32 bit apps
and 64 bit kernels doesn't seem to like the nvidia drivers after all.

That´s what I gather, also.

This whole architecture thing on amd´s are quite confusing. I wish someone wrote a document explaining things clearly. It seems amd released the first semprons without 64bit extensions, then decided the include it. Semprons were firstly designed to replace durons, but actually are replacing athlons. When amd realized that, it started to back semprons more closely. So, there´s an architecture mess. Even my bios reports the cpu as 'AMD Hammer family, unkown model'. And abit´s website has no upgrade bios file to specifically address that, so far.

You see: the cpu I have is NOT an AMD64 cpu as stated by the cpu´s box or any other document. But it runs debian-installers for amd64.


In fact there doesn't appear to be any amd64 kernels in sid i386
anymore.  Maybe for this reason?

Sorry for leading you astray!


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Hi friend!

I pasted the questions from your previous email here, for convenience. The ones above are answered inline.

As for the module not building I have a few more thoughts/questions

- you should be using i386.deb to build.

I was using -amd64 while running k8 kernel.

- are you attempting the build while running the amd64 kernel?


- have you tried purging the nvidia-kernel-source and

If I´d do this, it would remove my ok nvidia-kernel-source from k7 kernel as well, so I didn´t.

deleting all the source code from /usr/src/modules and then reinstalling?

This I didn´t try. Its a good idea. Its got a ton of dirs/files in there.

- debian/rules clean run from /usr/src/modules/nvidia-kernel may do the
same as the above.

I´ll try that and/or the above.

My thinking on the last two is there may be some leftovers in /usr/src from building the -k7 kernel module that is confusing make into thinking you are still running a -k7 kernel.

This is likely, indeed. I´ll try and let you know what happened.

clive i didn´t see your email before posting mine. Yes, I agree about chroot. But before moving to that, I´d like to understand all this more deeply. Right now I don´t feel confident enough.

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