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Re: dma errors on boot

> Andras Lorincz wrote:
> >It's a brand new notebook, the HDD shouldn't die... but who knows...
> >Maybe this is related to the fact that BIOS sets the HDD's DMA. If I 
> >enter the BIOS it shows that the HDD is set to dma mode 5 so maybe I 
> >should disable dma in the kernel if the bios anyway sets the DMA to on, 
> >I'll have a try.

maybe the brand new notbook has IDE interface unsupported by linux kernel.
Try newer kernel.

On 26.09.06 13:31, Wackojacko wrote:
> I would have thought you would still need to have DMA enabled in the 
> kernel, otherwise wont it just switch it off when the kernel takes over 
> from the BIOS?
> Still might be worth running a few diagnostics on the drive, new drives 
> have been known to fail.

worth trying.
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