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Re: need a newsreader with decent filtering

s. keeling wrote, On 2006-09-25 01:02:
Arthur Marsh <arthur.marsh@internode.on.net>:
 Hi, I've given up on Thunderbird for newsreading (ISP's news server,
 news.mozilla.org and news.gmane.org for things like Debian lists) given
 that it won't support filtering on newsgroup cross-posts any time soon, but
 have had trouble finding an alternative.

slrn?  You'll still see multi-posts though (identical posts to
separate froups).  It's character based (like mutt), can be used with
GnuPG, has hooks for scoring, handles multiple servers easily, threads
well, & etc.

I'm giving leafnode a try-out. It has at least cut out the spam in Debian-user (already flagged when reading via news.gmane.org by the cross-post to gmane.spam.detected) by use of a 2 line filter. I set it to check for news every 5 minutes, and set thunderbird also to check for news every 5 minutes, so that there is minimal inbound propagation delay.

I wish that all newsreaders that handled multiple servers had the multi-server support stated explicitly in their Debian package descriptions, and those that only supported a single news-server also stated that fact explicitly.


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