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need a newsreader with decent filtering

Hi, I've given up on Thunderbird for newsreading (ISP's news server,
news.mozilla.org and news.gmane.org for things like Debian lists) given
that it won't support filtering on newsgroup cross-posts any time soon, but
have had trouble finding an alternative.

I'm running Debian unstable with KDE and tried pan, but experienced lock-ups
and wasn't happy with the filtering options.

At present, I'm trying knode but still seem unable to filter based on the
fact that news.gmane.org marks detected spam as cross-posted to
gmane.spam.detected (one cannot subscribe to gmane.spam.detected directly,
so one can't automatically mark gmane.spam.detected as read).

Any suggestions on getting knode to work nicely or an alternative
news-reader with good filtering properties?


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