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Re: debian forum

The purpose of the forum was not to ake over the mailing list, but assist
is more in-depth problems and a way of people to find common issues,
instead of using the maillist to ask for problems which have already been
addressesed. Is'nt it funny that, when the topic is first mentioned, not
many people have anything to say. But when someone does something,
everyone has their two cents to add in.

I am NOT trying to take over any of the other forums. Sorry if it seemed
that way. I wish to create a place for people to talk about more in depth
problems, where the answers can be archived and retrived by all. Forums
will never beat mailling lists!

I am aware that there are other forums out there. I am just trying to give
back to the Debian community, as I have been giving so much.

Please appreciate my efforts, and instead of trying to tell me it is
wrong, give useful suggestions.

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