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Re: spamcop

On 09/21/2006 07:55 AM, John Hasler wrote:
Daniele writes:
I have whitelisted the debian mailing lists. They are the first (and the
only) source of spam in my inbox. I think that spamcop isn't entirely

The Debian mailing-list servers never send mail to anyone who is not

Yes they do. They send confirmation messages.

Spammers will send fake subscription requests to lists.debian.org using forged addresses in the From headers. Some of those addresses will be spamcop spamtraps. Lists.debian.org will get listed.

Note that this has *nothing* to do with whether the list is open or not. Closing the list would make it far more difficult for people to report bugs and get help, and it wouldn't do ZIP to prevent spamcop listings.

The solution is to gently ask spamcop to exclude debian-formatted subscription confirmation messages from causing a listing. If they don't accommodate, then there is nothing we can do.


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