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Re: dictionary packages for Gnome desktop

Russell L. Harris wrote:
> Timothy Musson <trmusson@ihug.co.nz> writes:
> > Russell L. Harris wrote:
> >> And is there a "local" dictionary which can be installed on a
> >> machine which does not have Internet access?

> > Yes. Install 'dictd' and 'dict-gcide'. Then, in the GNOME
> > dictionary's preferences dialog, set the Server to 'localhost'.

> This is precisely what I've been needing -- to cut the Internet
> umbilical for the dictionary.

Great! :)

Something I forgot to say though: take a look at the 'dict' package as
well. The GNOME dictionary's really nice, but it's sometimes handy to
have a quick dictionary on the command line, too.

Timothy Musson

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