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Re: identd giving failures

Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk>:
>  I am trying to set up postgres to dump across the network, using ident 
>  checking on the username of the caller.
>  But it always failing.  When I turn on logging of requests by identd, I find 
>  the following in the log
>  Aug 28 23:50:41 kanger identd[18705]: netlink_lookup: write failed: Connection 
>  refused

Perhaps like most people, they refuse to answer ident requests.  I run
fauxident.py for the same reason.  It answers ident requests with just
enough bogus information to satisfy ident requests on servers I work

    /usr/local/src/fauxident-1.2.1/fauxident.py -r UNIX \
         -u infidel,heretic,apostate -m -s 3

Replies with realm UNIX, randomly picks one of three fictitious
usernames, randomly shuffles the letters of the username, and adds
three random digits to the end of the username.

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