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Re: Debian Newbie looking for Usefull Tools

- Generating traffic usage (download/upload)

http: wget & screen
torrents: www.torrentflux.com
dc: dctc
and many more.....

- List the program / port / destination used in daily/weekly/monthly basis (just in case that 1 of my mates use kazaa or something that we decided to blocked)

Install mrtg/cacti/ntop

2006/9/8, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@meetinghouse.net >:
Phillipus Gunawan wrote:
> - Generating traffic usage (download/upload)
> I heard that Webmin (www.webmin.com) is a tool that combine a few debian pacakages so easier to manage them. Any suggestion?
I find webmin to be pretty useful, but a few caveats:
- the stable package is a bit old
- not all the modules you need are available as packages (at least in
- you can install newer modules via webmin, but....
---- they end up in the wrong place (/usr/webin instead of
/usr/share/webmin - I think) - you need to move the entire directory
      with the module name, and make sure to fix ownership
---- they don't always work (incompatibilities between newer versions of
the module and the older version of webmin, older versions of the
particular thing being managed, expectations that files are somewhere
other than where Debian packages put them) -- some of this can be fixed
via the individual module config screens, some can't

So.... by all means, install the basic webmin package, and try it out.
But use caution.

There's a fairly good, and detailed guide to webmin that can be
downloaded from

Hopw this helps.

Miles Fidelman

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