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Re: Effective logging of ADSL usage

roach wrote:

I'm hoping I'm not being particularly dense here, but all my searching
through Synaptic & Google hasn't lead me to a solution yet.

I'm trying to track down a bandwidth leak on our ADSL line & need to log
the relationship of IP & MAC addresses to bandwidth consumption.

What's the Debian way of doing this?

I don't know why synaptic failed you. You could try xara, which has excellent search features.

I usually start with "apt-cache search," which I just used to locate the following possible candidates (none of which I'm familiar with):

gnudip - scripts for dynamic IP to name mappings
ipac-ng - IP Accounting for iptables( kernel >=2.4)
jffnms - web-based Network Management System (NMS) for IP networks
kernel-patch-wrr - Extension to traffic Control/network bandwidth management
net-acct - User-mode IP accounting daemon
ulog-acctd - Accounting daemon for Linux 2.4+ netfilter

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