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Re: debian meets HP Proliant DL320

micha wrote (04-09-2006 18:46):

On 3 Sep 2006, at 12:18, René Seindal wrote:

Micha wrote (31-08-2006 22:26):
Hello there!
If anyone is running Debian on an HP Proliant machine I would appreciate information about how to solve the problem that the "virtual keyboard / mouse" is registering as usb device in a neverending loop. My solution will look like: blacklisting the uhci_hcd module - but to be honest: I'm not too satisfied with this option. So if there would be niftier approaches I'd be happier.

I run debian testing on a HP Proliant DL320 without any problems at all, and I have the uhci_hcd module loaded.

I have never seen the problem mentioned.

--René Seindal (rene@seindal.dk)

What kernel version have you installed? After installing 2.6.17 it worked out for me... Of course I would like to see other solutions - maybe a stable solution.

I'm running a stock Debian kernel 2.6.12-1-686-smp.

René Seindal (rene@seindal.dk)

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