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Re: Trouble on the Debian Front?

>>On Sunday 03 September 2006 20:17, Hex Star wrote:
>out in the back woods Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Yikes...is Debian gonna survive?

>Just because one relatively minor (in the sense that he had no 
>position) Debian developer with a big mouth has a blood pressure 
>doesn't mean Debian is doomed.
>Paul Johnson

I have to agree with this statement, some of the statements have 
some valid ideas.  I also think that the slashdot discussion has 
pretty much aired out this whole thing.

I don't think the answer is for one person to decide the course of 
developement. After all Debian does have elections, and a release 
manager is in charge of the release. A valid point is the fact that 
Debian includes more arch's then say Ubuntu, that in itself slows 
down the development cycle. 

As far as Debian being in trouble, I doubt that, it's kind of like 
the Apple is dying rumor. People have been saying that for like the 
past 10-15 years, and Apple is doing better now then it ever was. 

Just look at how many packages are in the deb format, just how many 
distro's use apt-get, and debs anyway.  That in itself will keep it 
alive, then you have the freedom idea, how many distro's can claim 
to be as free as Debian?

I personally have major problems with Ubuntu, for instance the other 
day I was trying to solve an Alsa problem, and was looking for some 
files in etc, guess what they were not there. I did a search on 
google and did not find the reason why they did not use that file, 
but in Debian they are there and is more constant.  The only reason 
I had to go back to Ubuntu was because of quake4, I had major 
texture corruption, which was most likely do to the Nvidia binary 
drivers and some of the placement of some some obscure files.  The 
sad part about it was Nvidia came out with some new drivers that 
might of solved the problem.  

Remember if you point the finger at someone else, four fingers are 
pointing back at you. I think a lot of people need a course in 
communication, but putting someone like a king in charge is not a 
good way to solve technical problems.  I personally think that the 
best technical method should be implemented. I hope that with all 
the bright minds in Debian that it can happen, am I worried about 
Debian not in the least.


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