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Re: rebuilding a system remotely?

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Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have two machines sitting in a data center.  One of them, I've just
> finished, very carefully, configuring for production use.
> The other machine I've used a bit as a sandbox for trying things before
> doing them on the production machine - and at this point the sandbox is
> pretty well messed up.
> I'd like to either
> a. rebuild from scratch to Sarge
> b. upgrade to a clean testing release.
> either way, without a trip to the datacenter to rebuild from a CD.

How "messed up"?  IOW, what if you just started paring away
packages, aggressively making it as *minimal* as possible while
still being able to run ssh.  (From experience, I can tell you that
that's pretty darned small.)

Then, start adding back packages as you see fit.

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