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Re: rebuilding a system remotely? - idea

hi ya roberto

> Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> I did this with a couple of Red Hat servers a few years ago.  They were
> located in a server room at the university and I did not have a key, but
> wanted to do the rebuild over the weekend to minimize disruption.
> Anyhow, what I did was to transfer all necessary data (e.g., home
> directories, mail spools, etc, which I don't think are an issue in your
> case) to another server.  I then disabled the swap partition and
> bootstrapped a base Debian install (*with* ssh, which is not part of the

good idea to use swap .. assuming the system doesn't need it at the time
you nuked it .. and lots of other assumptions .. but it "should" work
and you'd only need about 2-5MB of swap ( any free unused space ) 
to do rebuild a new box remotely ..

c ya

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