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Re: rebuilding a system remotely?

Ron Johnson wrote:
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Miles Fidelman wrote:
Hi Folks,

I have two machines sitting in a data center.  One of them, I've just
finished, very carefully, configuring for production use.

The other machine I've used a bit as a sandbox for trying things before
doing them on the production machine - and at this point the sandbox is
pretty well messed up.

I'd like to either
a. rebuild from scratch to Sarge
b. upgrade to a clean testing release.
either way, without a trip to the datacenter to rebuild from a CD.

How "messed up"?  IOW, what if you just started paring away
packages, aggressively making it as *minimal* as possible while
still being able to run ssh.  (From experience, I can tell you that
that's pretty darned small.)

Then, start adding back packages as you see fit.
Well... messed up as in the mail system is completely gronked.

Tried removing and purging every vestige of exim, postfix, sendmail, then reinstalled postfix. Can't get postfix to start. Tried purging postfix and getting exim to run - no dice. I think, somewhere along the way, I messed up a dependency.


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