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Re: editor to remove noise (wind and wave) from sound file

Pure Data is great for stuff like this, but it is a lot to learn-
you'd have to assemble the application yourself.  If you expect your
first time editing a sound file to be your last time, it's probably
not what you want.

A parametric equalizer would be an intuitive way that might help.  I'm
in Windows right now, so I can't check, but JackEQ might have this, or
some LADSPA plugins, or even Audacity, I don't know.
Is it a stereo recording?  I've found sometimes adding or subtracting
the two channels can make either voices or noise louder.

On 9/1/06, Ric Otte <ric@otte.ucsc.edu> wrote:

I have a recording of a wedding at a beach, but it is very difficult
to make out the words because of the noise due to the waves and wind.
I am looking for suggestions about how to begin editing the file to
remove the noise and retain the voices.  I've looked a bit at rezound
and audacity, but haven't been able to remove the noise with them.  I
have never edited a sound file before, and was wondering if anyone had
any suggestions for other programs that might do the job, or any other
suggestions about how to do this.



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