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Re: Email programs that work.

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> I send E-mails via smtp...   => set sendmail="sendmail -oi"

    No, that is via command line.  If sendmail were not there how would you
get mail out?  Or, more importantly, which is easier to set up, sendmail
(exim, postfix, qmail) or a single configuration option which consists of
"smtp.host.com".  I don't know of an MTA which runs perfectly off a single
configuration option and I've run or currently run Exim, Sendmail, Postfix and

>>     It lacks filtering.

> This is a job for procmail and maildrop

    Procmail, the line noise of mail filters, no thanks.  And neither of these
are able to retrieve mail.  Oh, right, that pesky MTA again.

> The others are sucking more...  Mutt CAN handel IMAP boxes
> with more then 2 million Messages and there is not a singel
> GUI client which can handel this

    I've yet to fathom a need for a 2 million message mailbox.  Not to mention
the support structure behind it since 2 million would break or strain both
maildir and mbox.

>>     It lacks a decent multi-account implementation.  Having to
>> configure every
>> single item by hand without the concept of account inheritance is a
>> nightmare.

> ???  And How do you configure GUI clients?

> You must setup things for each account.

    Yes, which is why I said "account inheritance."  When I create a subfolder
under "grey@dmiyu.org" I don't have to configure the folder for my address, my
 real name, my signature.  It inherits all of that from the account!  I create
a folder in mutt and I have to exit, vim .mutt/folders and add a freakin'
folder_hook!  Do you see the difference here?

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