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Re: Use of dpkg --set-selections is brain-dead?

"Michael S. Peek" <peek@tiem.utk.edu> writes:
> I've traced my problem down to the use of 'dpkg --set-selections'
> command.  As an example, I have a package named tiem-nis-client-cfg
> that sets up NIS for generic workstations.  If I understand correctly,
> I should be able to do the following:
>    echo "tiem-nis-client-cfg      install" | dpkg --set-selections
> And then, when I type 'dpkg --get-selections', I should see
> "tiem-nis-client-cfg   install" one some line in the output.

No, "dpkg --get-selections" without further arguments only lists
packages that are either installed or deinstalled (but still have
their config files on the system), not purged packages or those that
have never been on your system, even if those packages have been
selected for installation.  If you run:

        dpkg --get-selections tiem-nis-client-cfg

that should show that your new package has been selected for

Kevin <buhr+debian@asaurus.net>

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