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Re: Use of dpkg --set-selections is brain-dead?

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006 17:03:00 -0400, Michael S. Peek wrote:

> I thought I would be slick and write a package that contains a script that
> will figure out what should be installed/removed/upgraded/etc. on each of
> the machines where I work.  (Using sarge, btw.)  I had planned to do this
> by listing each of the packages and it's install status in a file, then
> piping that file to 'dpkg --set-selections', and then using 'apt-get
> dselect-upgrade' to process the new package selections.

I had similar problem with dpkg --set-selections/get-selections before and
was never able to sovle it. Hope you can solve it this time.

One last attempt. If

  apt-get dselect-upgrade

failed, how about

 dselect install



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