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Re: Email programs that work.

Clive Menzies wrote:

On (30/08/06 08:27), Marc Shapiro wrote:
Ah! Another straight fvwm user. I have been devising plans to completely rid myself of the last vestiges of gnome and KDE (neither of which I ever used) that remain on my system. I finally decided that the best way was to do a clean install of Etch, instead of doing an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' as I would otherwise have done. That way I KNOW that there is nothing left. And, since I am switch to aptitude with Etch, if I do install something that requires such libs, if I decide to remove it, I know that the libs will go away with the package.

It is probably too late but if you use aptitude interactively and press
'M' it strips the system back to bare essentials; you can then update
and upgrade just the base system.
The current Sarge system is using apt-get. I am switching to aptitude along with the upgrade to Etch.

I pretty much have things in order, now. I installed the base system to a seperate set of LVM partitions using a chroot. Then I installed everything on my fvwm button bar (meaning what I use 95% of the time). A quick look through my menus gave me a few more packages to install. I copied over some icons that appear to be from a package that wants to have most of KDE installed (no thank you) and edited a config file, or two. All that is really left is to copy over needed files from ~/. I don't want to mount my old /home directoy since it has rc files for stuff that I no longer use, as well as old configs for packages which are being updated, so I will pretty much copy sub-directories and contents over. No biggie there.

After that I should be ready to roll.

Pretty painless, really.

Marc Shapiro

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