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Re: Email programs that work.

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Steve Lamb wrote:
> CJ van den Berg wrote:
>> Yes, it will. If it doesn't, then your filesystem is probably mounted
>> noatime. Mutt uses the filesystem's atime to determine whether mbox files
>> contain new mail. 
>     Uh, since mutt's main display never updated when I was on that screen the
> display never updated when new mail came in.  I mean, real simple test and I
> just performed it to confirm.  Start mutt, pressed y, sent myself mail.
> Waited 5 minutes, /var/mail/grey still does not show new mail.  Meanwhile
> Thunderbird, in less than 1m, increased my new mail count in my "Inbox" from 4
> to 5.  In fact exiting that screen and entering it still didn't show new mail
> in /var/mail/grey.

There's a .muttrc option to specify refresh rate.  Was mentioned
somewhere in this big old thread.  Maybe that's what you need.

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