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Re: Email programs that work.

On Sat, Aug 26, 2006 at 01:25:46PM -0400, Matej Cepl wrote:
> s. keeling wrote:
> > You have a ridiculously complicated "system" for organizing your mail,
> > and it's mutt's fault for doing what it does well.  No.
> Sorry for previous flame -- I cannot resist, but I am serious -- mutt is
> lacking. It is not its mistake, it is by design, which has its advantages,
> but it has its limits as well. Sometimes little advertised fact is that
> mutt was never intended to be MUA -- it's like a kit with which you can
> built your own MUA. You have to add SMTP server, filtering, IMAP
> manipulation, anti-spam filtering, vfolders, and anything else you would
> like your MUA to do. The result could be really good, but when you want
> more than just simple things (or when you are not that classy programmer)
> it's getting ridiculously complicated.
> My requests were not that complicated (kmail can do it easily), but with
> mutt it became really complicated -- synchronizing with IMAP folders (more
> folders, not just INBOX), filtering according to body (so no imapfilter),
> and of course anti-spam. That meant isync, than scripts going through list
> of folders and applying procmail on each message and applying bogofilter to
> each message. You have to manage proper trashing of messages (be aware,
> that isync was not able work with removed messages, I had to trash them
> properly).
> OK, I am flawless human, but when made twice mistake in these scripts which
> caused lost messages, I decided that this is twenty-first century and I
> should not do everything myself. I switched to KMail and I have never
> regretted it. And yes, I like that I am able to read HTML-mail (read, not
> write).
I don't address your other complaints as I have other requirements than
you do, but do you mean to say that you can't read html in mutt? A simple
entry in your ~/.muttrc 'auto_view text/html' plus an entry in your
~/.mailcap (e.g. 'text/html;links %s') will surely cure that problem.

Generally I tink that it boils down to your requirements in a MUA. I
personally wouldn't call a MUA lacking because it doesn't fullfill my
requirements. For example I avoid MUAs with a GUI as they don't offer
any feature I need. Do I call them bloated because of this? So to each
his own I'd say.

All the best


> Just to explain what I meant,
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