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Re: Minimum to start NFS client

On 2006-08-21, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:

> I have a box that I want to run an NFS client on, but not the server. I
> installed nfs-common, but attempts to mount result in the following:
>     mount: storage:/mnt/storage failed, reason given by server:
>     Permission denied
> My /etc/exports on the server seems to contain the right stuff:
>     /mnt/storage    10.1.1.*(rw,sync,mp)

I'm a casual NFS user, but, FWIW, I also get the same error using
this format in /etc/exports. I don't get it with something like


and the same format for portmap: and mountd: in /etc/hosts.allow

I just recently got NFS working, basically by trial and error, so 
I'm not sure exactly what is required.

Howard E.

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