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OpenOffice crashing in Sarge

I just did an 'apt-get upgrade' and openoffice.org was upgraded from 2.0.1 to 2.0.3 and now I am unable to save my files. When I do try to save I get an error message saying that OpenOffice has crashed due to an unknown error and that all of my files are saved. They are saved without my changes, however.

I had this same problem previously, when I switched from the upstream version to the debian package on backports.org. (I thought that I had commented bpo out of my sources.list, but apparently not -- hence, the upgrade.) There had been some sort of configuration change, so the solution had been to remove (or rename) my .openoffice.org2 directory and let OOo rebuild a new one. I just tried that, now, but the problem remains.

Does anyone have a fix for the problem this time? Is this going to happen every time that OOo is upgraded?

Marc Shapiro

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