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Re: RAID10 on Debian (or RAID0 on top of RAID1) - possible?

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:

> I wanted to install a Debian system on RAID-10, on 4 disks.
> Unfortunately, it seems that Debian installer only supports RAID0, RAID1
> and RAID5.
> As RAID-10 is technically RAID-0 on top of RAID-1s, I tried such a
> scenario:
>      -----R0-----
>      |          |
>     R1          R1
>   |    |      |    |
> Unfortunately, Debian installer is also unable to create such a setup -
> it seems that it can't create RAID devices on existing RAID devices
> (i.e., RAID-0 on RAID-1).
> How can I set up RAID-10 (or RAID-0 on top of RAID-1) using the Debian
> installer?

The same result could be achieved by doing logical volumes on top of
raid-1 which is perfectly well supported by the Debian installer.  I
usually do a raid-1 boot partition and then a raid-1 on the rest of the
disk which I throw into a volume group.  Then allocate /usr, /var, /home
etc from this volume group.


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