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Re: Open Source Supported Graphics Cards

Seth Goodman wrote:

You are the sysadmin for these two Windows-type users, which is the only
environment in which they can realistically use Debian.  Take away the
sysadmin or Linux mentor and the chances of them being able to configure
a system that is as useful to them as their Windows boxes are slim to

When I started out, all I had to master were the intracacies of apt-get.
Gnome gave me everything else I needed to be productive.
If I needed a word processor or spreadsheeting facility, it was there.
Frankly, I got a lot of stuff, as you do with Windows, that I didn't need.
But with Gnome, I found I could remove what I didn't want, and that potential is what got me started.
With Windows, you don't do that because you're not allowed to.

The only things I had to go fishing for were aspects such as sound.
This bothered me initially, but I've found, over time, that evolution is a process that brings its own rewards.
Initially, it might seem like a big investment.
But in time, if your sys admin only needs to take care of his/her server, this means a greater saving for any IT department. A 'mentor' is not a permanent position, and many of us never even had one beside this list.

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