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Re: Recursive copy to udf-formatted dvd-ram freezes system

On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 09:06:11AM +0200, Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Eckhard Kosin wrote:
> >The cp -rv showed up a file name with an unprintable character (the file
> >originated from DOS, long time ago).   Thanks.  I renamed the file and
> >now the system doesn't freeze, but the writer doesn't stop to write
> >(more than 15 min for 293 MB ;-(.   No hint from syslog, the only method
> >to stop the writer is to switch it off and after a new switch on no data
> >have been written to the DVD.  It seems that UDF is rather unstable, at
> >least in the AMD64 branch.
> I guess as a 'universal disk format' for all operating systems, it is 
> bound to be less feature rich than something tailored to linux. It was 
> specifically developed with RW-media in mind and probably isn't at the 
> top of fs performance for RAM-media.

UDF is incredibly feature rich.  The kernel implementation appears
buggy; I can crash the kernel using a loopback device.  I've intended to
go through the code for quite some time now.
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