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Re: xorg 7, radeon mobility m6 and dri

Thank you for helping out!

You are right about the 16/24 bit -- I use 16bit in sarge and did try it in sid, but didn't notice any difference (I only checked if it made dri work, and it didn't). After your answer, I did a more thorough check, and the cpu consumption does drop to around 47% when I play a move i 16 bit. I let the movie run in sarge too for a while while keeping close track of everything, using top. I discovered something wierd: The xine and the xfree86 loads are very low, but the overall cpu load rises to levels that are equal or even above the sid levels (i e sid when I use 16 bit). No single process seems to be causing it according to top though.

If one is to believe top's over-all cpu report, sid and sarge are equal when I run at 16 bit, but if one is to believe the info on single processes, sarge is still very much lower.

All this is without dri though. Changing to 16 bit in sid doesn't make dri work, and I don't have it working in sarge either. I am attaching log and config from sarge. (The config is a sax generated one that I grapped from the net and that I never bothered to alter as it seemed to work well enough except for dri.)

How much cpu load is normal when playing a movie using xine? My processor is a 1GHz p3.

Thanks for your help!


CJ van den Berg <cj@vdbonline.com> wrote:
On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 02:21:34AM -0700, Land Haj wrote:
> My laptop, a Dell Inspiron 4100, has a Radeon Mobility M6 graphics card.
> I've been using sarge on it with no problems for a long time, but since a
> few months back I've got sid running on my main workstation, and so I
> decided to put sid on the laptop too. Everything is fine, except for xorg.
> It eats *a lot* more cpu than xfree86 does on sarge, which makes the fans
> run constantly on the laptop. For instance, playing a dvd movie eats 67%
> cpu -- half of it used by xine, the other half by xorg. If I play the same
> thing in sarge, load is very low, especially on the xfree86 side.

I see you're running at 24 bit. Are you sure you were using 24 bit in sarge?
That's probably pushing your luck on an M6 at that resolution.

It might help if you post the X log and xorg.conf from your sarge setup so
we can see where the differences are. I'd suggest trying it at 16 bit first

> This is all without dri. I can't seem to get dri working, no matter how I
> try. I've read loads of stuff on the net, and there seems to be others
> with the same problem. I can live without dri, but I can't live with xorg
> using that much cpu.

It says in your X log that DRI is not working because you're too short on
video memory. It says you only have 16Mb of video ram. Again, a 16 bit mode
will probably use much less video memory and therefore DRI will probably
just start working if you switch to 16 bit.

CJ van den Berg


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