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OpenOffice always on top in Debian Testing


I googled and get onlyone topic [1] about my problem, so I am trying here, maybe someone can help. That topic is exactely that mine!

I upgraded my Debian Testing by apt-get and the problem have been started.

I use GNOME as desktop.

When you open a document with OpenOffice, it keeps on popping up to the top of the focus stack and it will even move itself to the current focussed desktop from another

It seems that it detects some change every 200 milliseconds or so.

Even using a drop-down list in OpenOffice is very difficult. If you
scroll down the open list too long, it close the list. You have to
open the drop-down list, move quickly to the item you want and click,
otherwise your list is closed.

Opening a dialogue in OpenOffice will keep the dialogue on top, but I
can see in the window border that the focus keeps on reverting to the
main window behind.

Using another application while an OpenOffice document is open is
extremely annoying, as the OpenOffice doc keeps on grabbing the focus.

For instance, typing something in another application.
You type two characters and then you are suddenly typing in the
OpenOffice doc. So, to type something in the other application, you
type two characters then click on your application to get focus back,
type another two characters, click, type, click, etc.

Has anybody seen this behaviour?

Any ideas what this can be?

I already tried the solution in [1], but in my case the item is false. Any help is very appreciated.


1. http://lists.suse.com/archive/suse-linux-e/2006-May/4681.html

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