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Re: Email programs that work.

On 07/26/2006 06:39 PM, djhack wrote:
I have been trying different email programs. None of them
seem to let me reply to a particular message in the digest.
Almost all of the ones I tried so far, when you hit the
reply button, copies the *entire* digest into the compose
window instead of only the message you wish to reply to.
Some of them have nicer features to deal with the messages
but those programs don't seem to work properly on my box.
Let me summarize:

Thunderbird - Copies entire message at reply. Works fine on
my box.

The digest is a collection of attachments. Click the attachment you want to respond to and save it to disk; name it "msg.eml" (it must have an extension of .eml).

Then click "File/Open Saved Message..." and select the file you saved (msg.eml); the message appears.

Then click the reply button.

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