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Email programs that work.

I have been trying different email programs. None of them seem to let me reply to a particular message in the digest. Almost all of the ones I tried so far, when you hit the reply button, copies the *entire* digest into the compose window instead of only the message you wish to reply to. Some of them have nicer features to deal with the messages but those programs don't seem to work properly on my box. Let me summarize:

Thunderbird - Copies entire message at reply. Works fine on my box.

Balsa - Copies entire message at reply. I have tried the suggested "Ctrl L" thing with no luck. Otherwise it works fine on my box. Has cool "next part" and "previous part" buttons that cycle through the messages one at a time.

Kmail - Configured it, and got test messages in and out then it started to complain the POP3 was broken. Never got any messages from the list. Could not get it going again.

Evolution - Configured it, and got test messages in and out then it would quit the send/receive thing immediately and "time out". Deleted the account settings, put them in again and it did the same thing. Any combination of Reply buttons also copied the entire digest into the compose window. But there was a little "down arrow" icon button on the message headers that when clicked would copy just that message. Too bad it keeps crashing!

This message was composed in Thunderbird. Those of you list-junkies I am sure I am missing some little stupid step, or some configuration. Or I would be willing to try other email packages. I really like this list and I don't want to break the threads!



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