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Re: GRUB; reboot; next partition selection

Ice wrote:
Hey, I'm curious if there is a way to easily select the next partition (for when Debian comes back up) during a reboot.
I know that this was a feature of KDE back when I was using SuSE.

I checked the man pages of Shutdown, reboot, halt, etc. and came up with nothing so far. I have also googled for a bit...

Anyone know a way to use "# reboot" and specify the next bootup partition? (/dev/hdb1 instead of /dev/hda1)
hdb or hda is choose by BIOS, so .. forgot grub. That's doesn't matter.
If u wanna boot up hda2 other then hda1, I don't know some thing do that. But I know that's possible. Add a script in rc2.d/ name Kxxxx, then change /boot/grub/menu.lst, reselect default boot up param. Or write a script & run manually. If u really wanna boot hdb. Try boot hda which has grub in mbr frist, then set root (hd1) in menu.lst. Others u can follow the idle upon. caution: When u change default OS in grub, it'll not change back until u set it manually.


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