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Re: audio tag tool and utf8

Michael Ott wrote:
Using audio tag tool to change the tags for MP3. sound juicer set the
tags for one album in Russian letters, but do not set year. But audio
tag tool cannot display the Russian letter and also cannot save it
How can i set UTF-8 for audio tag tool or is this a bug or feature?
Sorry. But forget to say that i use Etch.

CU Michael

The tag editing package "exfalso" (not sure if it is in Etch, I'm running unstable) seems to support UTF-8 tag editing. I didn't try Russian, but I used the title "Píseň Rusalky o měsíčku" which saved and restored successfully. It appears that other MP3 tagging packages do not support UTF-8 completely. Anyone care to file more bug reports for the media players and tagging tools that they use?

The media player "quodlibet" which requires "exfalso" also displayed correctly "Píseň Rusalky o měsíčku" which was stored in a tag of an MP3.

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