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Re: Possibly OT: Firefox font flexing

On Sun, 23 Jul 2006 14:04:56 -0400
Carl Fink <carl@finknetwork.com> wrote:

> Recent vintages of Firefox have developed an irritating new quirk:
> you can change the font size (helpful for those pages with teeny-tiny
> type, given my crappy vision).  But whenever you load a new URL, the
> fonts revert to default.  I find myself with hands poised, waiting
> for each page to finish loading so I can put the fonts back where I
> want them.
> It's driving me crazy.  Anyone know how to turn that off?

I find the NoSquint[1] extension invaluable when using a high-resolution
display. It allows you to set the default text zoom so that you don't
have to restore it again and again.

[1] http://urandom.ca/nosquint/



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