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Re: postgresql linux-windows

On Sat, Jul 22, 2006 at 05:00:16AM +0300, gustavo halperin wrote:
> Hello
> I'm learning PostgrSQL 8.1, looks very good. As all of us, I prefer 
> work and develop under Linux, but my mother have Windows like around the 
> 90% of the world. Any way I need develop for she a Data Base, I just 
> want to know if I will develop this DB on Debian and after well I will 
> can transport this DB to her WindowsXP System. I'm also a C++ developer, 
> so I also prefer to build her DB using libsqlxx-dev, but I don't know 
> what is the best windows client for she.
>  So my friends, what do you people think?
>  Thank you,
>       Gustavo
Hi Gustavo,
if you built the solution with a web interface, then it would be
os-nuetral. So:
build it with debian using apache to display a web interface. Then she
can input the data/query the database through the web browser. This
allows you to ssh into a box to fix any problems and she donesnt have to
worry about the software crashing x-).
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