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Re: Sony digital camera

On Sunday 16 July 2006 20:08, Ron Johnson wrote:
> Bruno Costacurta wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm considering buying a Sony digital camera (precisely a model
> > Cybershot) and would like to receive your experiences or problems, and
> > also useful programs about its connectivity to a Debian (etch release)
> > via USB.
> Do you run GNOME or KDE, or one of the lighter WMs?
> Also, look at:
> http://www.gphoto.org/proj/libgphoto2/support.php
> http://www.teaser.fr/~hfiguiere/linux/digicam.html
> Most any camera will either present itself as mass storage or use
> the PTP protocol.  Sony seems to offer both.
> GNOME has a feature that it detects when you plug in a camera and
> turn it on.  Then it pops up a window asking if you want to import
> the pictures.  In 2.14, it also detects when you insert SD cards
> with images on them.
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> Jefferson LA  USA
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Hi Ron,
I'm using KDE.

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