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Re: Why?

On Monday 10 July 2006 23:13, Mark Fletcher wrote:
> --- S Clement <s.clement@cashette.com> wrote:
> > I am new to Debian - within the last two weeks - and
> > two things puzzle me.
> >
> > Why do you seem to prefer gnome over kde?  I have
> > examined both and kde seems to me to be easier to
> > use.  There must be something I am missing.
> It's a very personal choice -- I for one prefer KDE to
> Gnome. That said I use GDM (the Gnome Display Manager)
> instead of KDM to kick off KDE -- but that's for no
> better reason than that I set it up way back at the
> beginning before I Knew What I Was Doing (TM) and had
> some problems with KDM I couldn't get to the bottom of
> whilst GDM worked out of the box. I was probably doing
> something embarrassingly stupid but I've never had a
> compelling reason to go back and try again.

If you are using gdm as the display manager, but are using kde as your desktop 
environment then the only problem I can see is that both gnome and KDE 
libraries are being loaded into memory. I would expect that less memory would 
be used if you stick with gdm+gnome or kdm+KDE setup. But then, if you are 
using any of these beasts, you are probably not worried about memory issues. 
Are you?



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