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Re: Testing and honesty

Carl Fink escreveu:

> The thing is, the Debian Project is set up to guarantee that Stable will
> never actually be usable. [...]
> I run Stable on the servers I administer, but 100% of them have to use some
> hand-compiled or backported software, or they'd be unusable. 

Maybe you should think about using better software (squirrelmail and
bind are not secure enough for public servers, anyway :-))

In the last 2 years, I designed and installed more than 40 new servers
and routers to many different customers here in Brazil. And I do managed
security for all of them. Every one of them runs Debian 3.1 ("stable")
with no backports. No exceptions.


André Carezia
Eng. de Telecomunicações
Carezia Consultoria - www.carezia.srv.br

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