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Re: rhythmbox

On Tue, 04 Jul 2006 07:20:36 +0100
Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> wrote:

> Hans van Middendorp on 02/07/06 21:28, wrote:
> > On Sun, 02 Jul 2006 15:48:20 +0100
> > Adam Hardy <adam.ant@cyberspaceroad.com> wrote:
> > 
> >> Thomas Jollans on 02/07/06 15:05, wrote:
> >>> Adam Hardy wrote:
> >>>> Just did a general upgrade in etch and accepted all bugs and have
> >>>> problems now with rhythmbox, which won't play any MP3s now. it'll
> >>>> play OGG files, but not MP3s.
> >>>> Trying to fix it, I came across some directions for testing files
> >>>> with gstreamer, and I realise that rhythmbox considers itself a
> >>>> Gnome app, but I'm using KDE. I don't have gstreamer installer,
> >>>> it looks like a heavy-weight Gnome component, maybe even a
> >>>> daemon but I'm not sure. So to test, I should install gstreamer,
> >>>> but I'm not convinced I need gstreamer at all in KDE. But
> >>>> perhaps rhythmbox has changed now to work only under Gnome.
> >>>>
> >>>> Anyone know what the situation is?
> >>> GStreamer is a library that is used heavily in Gnome, but does not
> >>> use a daemon by default. (unlike arts...) It does not hurt to
> >>> install gstreamer and gstreamer should not depend on anything
> >>> rhythmbox didn't depend on anyway... (like glib etc)
> >> Sorry Thomas, meant to send that to the list. 
> >>
> >> I installed gstreamer but I don't have the command 'basicgthread'
> >> which it seems I need to run from the cmd line to test play my
> >> mp3s.
> >>
> >> I tried running rhythmbox under gnome and but that made no
> >> difference.
> >>
> >> So what is gstreamer or more to the point, how do I get rhythmbox
> >> to use it, if even that is what the MP3 problem is all about?
> >>
> > 
> > I am not sure if Rhythmbox is using gstreamer0.8 or already 0.10.
> > If 0.8 it will play mp3 with gstreamer-mad. After installing that
> > run gst-register-0.8 in console as normal user.
> > 
> > If 0.10 i thimk you need gstreamer-0.10-fluendo-mp3. The gst
> > command is not necassary voor v0.10.
> > 
> > I no go, give quod-libet a try.
> quod-libet didn't work either: 
> "Gstreamer encountered a general stream error."
> There is obviously something wrong with the config because gst-launch
> works OK.
When i was using Rhythmbox with Gnome 2.12 i had some problems to get it
running. In Gnome, as far as i can remember, i had to put the
sound(daemon or systen) on gstreamer, esd or alsa. Cannot remenber
which one. With Gnome 2.14 it is put on "automatic" by default.

Now, i am using Xfce4 with alsa. Rhythmbox and Quod Libet are both
working well. 

Maybe you could install a light windowmanger like Fluxbox or Icewm and
see if they will run from there. But be sure that no sound daemons from
KDE or Gnome are running.
I think the problem is somewhere in the soundsystem/daemons.


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